Mirmed Health Care offers Doctors consultations , laboratory testing for a wide range of testing with accredited reports, Rapid diagnosis with Fine Needle Aspiration cytology, minor surgical procedures, report writing, practitioner form- filling for travel and job applicants, flu-vaccination, travel advise, nutrition advise and counselling services for patients and their families. Wholesome primary care is catered for in its entirety with ultimate confidentiality. Referral to well-renowned Specialists is followed up on individual case basis. 

We specialize in Fine Needle Aspiration cytology for rapid diagnosis of unusual lumps, women’s health and fertility triaging, men’s health issues, cancer screening , counseling and care for cancer patients with routine complaints, endocrinology work-up facilities, home-care nursing facility for specific clients, medical care connect to India for clients who seek special care in Asia

Mirmed is also a registered facility for Palliative Care Education with a select group of trainees from various backgrounds and offers a free certified course in Palliative care for healthcare workers striving to build excellent healthcare-teams

We offer regular health camps that shall be posted to our Facebook at regular intervals in an attempt to give back to society and promote well-being in individuals who cannot access health services ordinarily.

An open-door policy of drop-in for routine advice is offered to our regular clients who may walk-in without appointments between Monday and Wednesdays every week

Mirmed runs awareness camps educating public on Non-communicable diseases, Sexually transmitted diseases and mental health reaching out to people from all backgrounds whatever their age.

Nutritionists upon appointment offer dietary advice for Hypertension, Diabetes, Gout, Obesity, Breastfeeding/lactating mothers, underweight children , Malnutrition, renal failure, anemia, thyroid disorders ,anorexia, bulimia and other diseases which require nutritional intervention. Mirmed offers family planning advice

For clients who feel like they are in perfect health we offer physicals inclusive of appropriate laboratory testing at an affordable cost to ensure regular check-ups and ensuring early diagnoses of diseases in our clientele, at Mirmed we understand, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and do our best to create awareness.

Whether a tourist visiting Africa or a local heading to holiday in a malaria endemic town, we offer travel advice and prophylactic medication if necessary upon a travel-advisory consultation with our in-house clinician.

Vaccinations are available for travel purposes including cholera, rabies vaccine, hepatitis B, flu-vaccines, tetanus toxoid and several others depending on region of travel or risks involved on a client’s individual needs.

We also provide vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) for prevention of cervical cancer

Note: Yellow-fever vaccines are not provided at Mirmed Healthcare.

A clinic for counselling takes bookings for Wednesdays every week of the month and includes counselling for cancer patients, palliative care patients, teenagers, clients recovering from addiction and other areas of concern. Prior booking for counselling clinics are pre requisite and bookings can be made by calling in on + 254 703 468 554

A one on one consultation is carried out with your practitioner and pressing concerns are addressed with appropriate standard protocols as well as referral to specialist care when necessary. At Mirmed Healthcare we aspire that clients leave the clinic transformed with a feeling of well-being.

Follow-up care within twenty four hours is not chargeable.

For consultation with our expert nutritionists call in + 254 703 468 554 to make a booking at your convenience. Prior booking is pre-requisite.

Mirmed provides individualized personal care for each of its clients creating a home away from home. We pride ourselves in being a center of wholesome care and are strategically located to ensure we are approachable to you. Ample free-parking is available to all our clients.

Our laboratory facility is 2 minutes away from clinic premises and we provide onsite blood collection and rapid results. Results are accurate and reported by accredited Laboratory facility with coded reports to ensure ultimate confidentiality.

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